Dear Friend,

There's a deceptive scandal going on with protein supplements today. It's a scandal that's cheating you out of your hard earned money. And worse, robbing you of serious gains and major results you deserve from every workout.

If you're using any protein powders now, or even thinking about using any -- you need to hear everything I'm going to share with you.

My name is Wade Lightheart, and I've won bodybuilding competitions in 5 different weight categories. Four overall championships, including a National Drug Free Championship.

I'm also a sought-after personal trainer, with worldwide clients. I work with top bodybuilders, pro athletes, famous entertainers and 12-week transformation contest winners.

Fifteen years ago, I started experimenting with all the protein supplements on the market. I kept close track of what the results were...

And guess what? Although a few supplements worked a little bit, most had really unpleasant side effects. I'm talking about nausea, gas, blood sugar crashes, and for the most part...

Most of them didn't do didley squat for me Except fatten my waistline and even worse...

The protein caused some serious intestinal toxemia inside my gut. The scary thing is that 99.9% of weightlifters are experiencing the exact same thing right now. I'll talk more about this in a minute.

The fact is I got burned bad. I lost thousands of dollars, possibly even tens of thousands.

Heck, I think every weightlifter has been cheated because there's so much crap on the market. And we have no objective scorecard to help us decide what's baloney and what's real. It's frustrating.

In a breakthrough workout, where you're really going for maximum gains, you're draining your system dry. A good healthy diet will help, but for the big gains you're after, you need something more...

But, how do you choose the right protein to take?

It's a scandal.

I counted in an issue of "Muscle and Fitness" 124 pages of advertisements for supplements. They all claimed they were the best in the world.

Now, I'm not a genius but I know they can't all be the best.

Through my personal wallet-emptying experience with enough supplements to fill a warehouse, I know none of them are even close to being the best available. Even the most popular, famous, and expensive brands are mediocre at best.

In fact, I have a decade of experience in the supplement industry on just about every level. From retail, to manufacturer, to formulation and research.

I can state with absolute confidence, based on my personal experience, that about 95% of the products on the market do not meet label claims.

And an even higher percentage are not bioavailable to the body...

"It's Scary... But, You Need To Know This..."

I'll let you in on a few dirty secrets the fat cats hoped you would never hear about.

A few years ago, I was asked to be the vice president of a large supplement company. The supplement was positioned to become a major player in the "fat burning" market.

I even wrote a book called "Fat Burners for Dummies" (Yup, the dummies people were involved) to help promote the product.

There were shareholders, marketing experts, financiers, accountants. The whole nine yards and a pile of money on the table. My personal cut was going to be 7 figures plus a huge percentage of the company revenues.

Here's the kicker though. After formulating the products I was flown around to the major supplement manufacturers in North America to meet with the lab guys.

We toured the facilities, and here's what happened: I asked a simple question to each of the facility scientists. I asked if they would consume any of their own products.

Everyone of these scientists stated that the products were not fit for consumption, and would not give you any real results. I was shocked to say the least. The researchers also stated this was normal... and READ THIS:

"No one cared about product quality... It was all about money."

I sat in a meeting with a top formulator and professor at a major university in California. He informed me exactly how we could structure a university-backed study to support any advertising claim made. This would happen as long as the university was paid $100,000.

Then, I sat in another meeting where the investors and financiers. They were looking at ways to maximize profit and make the wildest claims possible, without getting in trouble with the FTC.

We were given leads to the best lawyers, copywriters and insurance companies by leading magazine publishers.

Now, I'll be honest with you. I still really considered going ahead with the project because I would have been a millionaire virtually the day the product hit the shelves.

But after a night's debate with myself, I decided to take the "high road".

I informed the company I was quitting right then and there, and I would not release the book I was working on to support the supplement..

This whole ordeal led me to another conclusion... People like you and me have been getting screwed in the supplement game for a long time.

This painful realization was one of the deciding factors that made me retire from competitions and start writing.

Who Can You Trust?

Unfortunately, you just can't judge the quality of a supplement by price, who's selling it, or how professional the label or advertising looks.

The fact is, the nutritional supplement market has exploded in recent years. It's now a $10.3 billion dollar a year industry, and everybody with access to a lab wants to get a piece of it.

They want your money.

Who can you trust with hundreds of products out there, all screaming for your attention?

How can you be sure of what's in all the goop you're putting into your body?

I'll tell you this. You can't trust the advertising. These glitzy ads are mostly written by scrawny professional copywriters. They're experts at making ANY product sound good, regardless of its real quality.

Do you want to know how the rich marketing companies decide what to put into a product?

They sit around and make lists of all the latest fads that get lots of print in fitness magazines. Then they throw together a mish-mash of "maybes" in a bottle.

Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. They don't know. It's all guess work, advertising and posturing. They spend more time thinking up a hot name than they do researching the results.

Well, I got sick and tired of being a Human guinea pig for fat cat businessmen Who don't understand or care about weightlifters.

What's the best kind of protein to get the absolute best gains?

Let me tell you... it's not whey.

It's time to blow the lid off the biggest protein scam of all time.

What's the problem with whey?

Indigestibility... Catabolic Acidity... And Intestinal Toxemia...

Your body's pH level has a tremendous effect on growth. Most weightlifters are DEEP in an acidic nightmare that's killing muscle growth and destroying their health.

This is has been really overlooked because of the propaganda and mass advertising of whey protein by money-hungry corporations.

They make it sound like there's an issue between whey isolates versus whey concentrates... or whey boosted by this or that...

And they are very convincing. But, time has now proven what's really occurring in the supplement world and no one is telling the whole story.

Here's what's happening...

Mass consumption of whey powder contributes to a condition called intestinal toxemia. This kills anabolism, muscle gains, and really shortchanges results.

Sure, when people starting using whey, they might experience what seems to be an increase in muscle mass. But, that's an illusion.

Everybody's chasing the poundage on the scale. "Oh, I'm up five pounds. I'm up ten pounds." But, when you actually look closely at the quality of the physique, it reveals the truth.

Ask yourself... Is that ten pounds of muscle? Is it ten pounds of water? Or worse, is it ten pounds of intestinal sludge?

And usually that's what it is. Most of your whey protein is going to be deposited in your intestinal tract... not your muscles, where you want it.

You might've taken whey and gained a few pounds. Perhaps, you got your body fat taken and it registered as lean body mass...

So, what's really going on here? Even if you're not a bodybuilder, You have to check this out.

Well, I think the best evidence comes from today's pro bodybuilders. Let's look at the top guys in the last 15 years. Let's examine the pictures.

"Today's bodybuilders are competing with 38 inch waistlines. It's insane."

If you go back to your magazines from 15 years ago, you'll see guys with nice, tight waistlines... a svelte, clean look to their physiques.

"This is what a killer physique looks like."

A lot of legendary bodybuilders are saying, "Where did all these beautiful physiques go?"

"Everybody looks like over-stuffed sausages now. It's gross"

The guys today are competing at 250, 260... Even 297 POUNDS! But, if you actually look closely at the muscle bellies...

Does any guy have a larger bicep or chest than Arnold? Does anyone have bigger legs than Tom Platz? The biggest GROWTH I see, occurs right in the midsection...

You might've heard the terms "steroid bellies" or the "growth hormone bellies". But, there's a deeper level of sickness going on...

More and more bodybuilders are stopping their careers because of intestinal toxemia. They've got massive deposits of whey protein packed into their intestinal tract. This leaves a black layer of sludge and reduces the possibility of getting protein into your body -- where you most need it. If it's in your intestine, it's not in your muscles.

Vince "The Iron Guru" Gironda revealed this forgotten fact 50 years ago. He was one of the pioneers of bodybuilding.

All the legends including Arnold trained with Vince.

Vince discovered that 21 days is the max you can be on a high protein diet before intestinal toxemia rears its ugly head.

He actually recommended a high fiber, plant protein diet to restore the body's pH levels back into an anabolic alkaline state and eliminate intestinal toxemia. Vince despised the bloated belly look of modern day pros...

It's Time To Stop The Madness. Stop Eating Useless Dead Whey Powder... And Start Consuming Electrically Charged Protein ...

Once protein has been denatured... which means it's been processed over temperatures of around 120 degrees - it kills the enzyme functions in the protein.

It also annihilates the good bacteria.

These two essential components, enzymes and good bacteria, make the amino acids "alive" or "electrically charged".

So if you heat up the food, IT'S DEAD. The nutrition is GONE!

What you need is a protein that's electrically charged. "Electrically charged" means that the amino acids carry a negative charge.

In your intestinal tract, the negative charge allows it to cross your intestinal barrier. If it doesn't contain that charge, it can't cross the barrier.

What you're left with instead is dead food that cakes up inside your intestinal tract. It also severely limits the amount of nutrients that get inside your bloodstream and inside your muscles.

Whey is Dead. Literally.

Here's an example that proves this: when people start taking whey, their hunger shoots up. Why is there an increase in hunger? It's because the body is becoming protein-starved. It can't get the amino acids to cross the intestinal barrier because of the layer of sludge that cakes.

This causes your body to start pulling amino acids out of the smooth muscle around your colon. This causes deterioration in the function of your digestive tract. So, you're not clearing the old waste product out... You're not absorbing all the new nutrients in your food... And you're also robbing essential amino acids from your body.

This is a catabolic condition that you want to avoid at all costs.

The bottom line is, if you're not taking electrically available proteins, you're not absorbing them. They are useless. Period. And 99% of the protein on the market today fall into the "useless category".

Now, let's move on to what I've discovered is the best protein available today. Trust me, because I've tried everything. I'm a human laboratory... Some of my friends call me the "mad scientist"... And I'm really excited to share the latest, cutting edge developments in protein today.

Once I got hip to what's going on with intestinal toxemia and acidity, I asked myself, "What other source of protein can I get to give me the amino acids, enzymes and good bacteria in order to create maximum growth and stay healthy?" So...

What's The Best Protein Available Right Now?

During the course of my research, I had the good fortune of meeting Calli O'Brien. She introduced me to a totally new product. It's the new protein king on the block.

It allows us to recover and repair muscle without causing the problems that whey protein or isolated forms of protein have.

It's called hemp protein.

And you might be asking yourself, "Whoa, gee, man... Is that the stuff you smoke?" And of course, it's not.

There's hemp. And there's cannabis.

Cannabis is the female plant... And hemp is the male plant. It has negligible THC content. So, it doesn't cause any highs.

Research is showing that hemp is one of the best protein sources to fuel your body with. Let me break down what hemp does, and how can you use it to accelerate your muscle gains, and burn off your bodyfat.

Why Is This The Greatest Protein Source Out There?

Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for muscle repair and hypertrophy. There is no other single plant source that has all the essential amino acids in such an easily digestible form. It also has the enzymes, good bacteria, and essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio to meet our post-workout needs.

Here's the 7 Reasons Why Hemp Seed Protein Is The Most Anabolic Protein On The Market...

Crank your testosterone with the most potent source of essential fatty acids in nature.

Hemp has the perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This is important for anyone putting on muscle and strength, as science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a diet moderately high in fats increases testosterone levels.

Science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a diet moderately high in fats increases testosterone levels. But, the question is, what's the best source of fat? And what's the magic ratio of different fat? Here's the scoop...

The oil from hemp seeds has the lowest amount of saturated fatty acids at 8%, and the highest amount of the polyunsaturated essential fatty acids at 80% of its total oil volume.

Hemp seed contains linoleic acid (LA) and linolenic acid (LNA), which can't be created by your body. That's why they're called essential fatty acids (EFAs). The only way to get them is through your diet.

LA and LNA are 2 critical fatty acids for optimal health and anabolism. They play a huge role in muscle growth, vitality and your state of mind.

For maximum growth, at least 30% of the fats you consume should be EFAs. At the very minimum, 10% of daily calories should be LA and 2% LNA. The optimal ratio of LA to LNA in the diet is between 2 to 1 and 5 to 1.

Hemp seed oil is 55% LA and 25% LNA. The ratio is about 2.2 to 1. It's one of the best oils for muscle growth and tissue regeneration.

LA and LNA are essential for the exchange of electrical energy inside your oxygen dependant tissues. Especially the brain, retina, inner ear, and your testosterone producing organs: adrenal and testicular tissue.

They also possess a slightly negative charge, so they easily get inside your system and perform their magic. They form very thin surface layers which helps your body detoxify by carrying toxins to the surface of the skin, intestinal tract, kidneys and lungs, where they can be eliminated.

The Perfect Balance...

Hemp has the perfect balance of omega 6 and omega 3... It has the "magical" 3 to 1 ratio. This was discovered by, Udo Erasmus, one of the top experts on oils and fats in the world. Mother Nature just naturally formulated hemp in a 3 to 1 ratio.

Last but not least, hemp has GLA. This is one of the hardest EFAs to get in your body because there are only a few sources. Evening primrose oil and borage oil are others. GLA is crucial for hormone balancing, which is essential for testosterone levels.

Turbo-charge your protein synthesis naturally...

For protein to be digested, your body requires enzymes. Hemp protein replenishes your "globulin edistin" reserves which are an important resource for enzyme function.

Enzymes are essential for breaking down protein into amino acids, and synthesizing the aminos into new muscle. All enzymes are globular proteins and perform most of the "magic" inside your body.

Hemp seed protein contains 65% globulin edistin. No other plant on earth comes close to this. Globulin edistins within the seed guarantee it has the enzymes necessary for metabolic activity and growth.

When you work out, your body drains your globulin reserves. This is because globulins perform many enzymatic processes within the plasma. They synthesize protein and help with fat burning.

The best way to insure the body has enough amino acid material to fuel your anabolic drive is to eat foods high in globulin proteins. Since hemp seed protein is 65% globulin edistin, and also includes quantities of albumin, its protein is readily available to feed your muscles.

Boost your body with "friendly" bacteria.

All of us have "friendly" bacteria in our bodies that help us stay healthy. Some of these bacteria also help us digest protein, which helps provide more amino acids for muscle growth and recovery. Hemp protein naturally has "friendly bacteria" that boosts your anabolic drive.

High quality hemp protein has naturally occurring "friendly bacteria" that helps boost your anabolic drive.

Most people believe all bacteria are bad and to be avoided. They think of bacteria as evil creatures that need to be eliminated at all costs.

The problem is, people are eliminating good bacteria along with the bad. You have "friendly" bacteria in your intestinal tract that boost your immune system, and break down the food you're eating. Without "friendly" bacteria, you can't break down protein properly. This limits the amino acids you can get into your muscles.

Here's a simple test to analyze the balance of "friendly" and "evil" bacteria in your system: if you pass a lot of gas that is foul-smelling, your intestinal tract has more "evil" bacteria than "friendly".

Switch your body from a nightmarish acidic state to an anabolic alkaline state...

There's an ideal "pH" for the circulating plasma in our bodies for gaining muscle and strength. pH is an indicator of how acidic something is. Most people in general are deep on the acidic side because of the foods we eat. Hemp protein can dramatically alter your pH to take it out of an acidic state and into an anabolic one instead.

Most people are really, really deep on the acidic side from our modern diet.

They're eating a lot of acid-producing foods, processed foods, and dead protein.

This contributes to an acidic effect inside your body that may lower growth hormone levels (critical for muscle growth) and increase muscle break down.

Hemp can alter your body's pH level and provide an optimal anabolic environment for muscle growth and recovery.

Flood your muscles with amino acids.

Hemp protein is a source of all essential amino acids. AND the essential fatty acids.

Every weightlifter knows they need amino acids to repair muscle cells and create growth. Hemp protein contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to get you as big as you want.

No other single plant source has the essential amino acids in such an easily digestible form.

Eliminate intestinal toxemia (which causes the "bloated belly" look) and reclaim your nutrient-absorbing power...

No "bloated belly" look with hemp protein. Because it doesn't cause intestinal toxemia

High quality hemp has fiber. Consuming hemp protein creates a gentle cleansing effect that reduces intestinal toxemia. In just one serving you get 13.2 grams of fiber. And 92% of that is insoluble fiber, the good kind.

It really helps to get into the cracks and crevices of your colon. The fiber scrubs it and takes out all the whey gunk and sludge. So you may get a gentle detox effect.

After a few short weeks, you might feel more energy, more raw power and a tighter waistline.

Enter the "gorilla factor"...

Chlorophyll, the green pigment found in green plants, helps to take your body out of acidic, catabolic states. Hemp protein contains a high chlorophyll count. This is why gorillas -- the "strength athletes" of the animal kingdom -- are so big and strong. They feed on green plants all day.

And what's really important about hemp is the chlorophyll count. There's no other protein on the market that gives you this. This helps your body get into the alkaline state that you desperately need to recover from workouts.

If you look at 600-pound gorillas, they are among the largest, most muscular animals in the animal kingdom. Note how they're vegetarians. They're eating truckloads of chlorophyll and high amounts of fiber. This is keeping their bodies alkaline and their muscles growing.

So we asked one of the top hemp experts in the world, Calli O'Brien...

How Do You Create The Perfect Hemp Protein?

Here's her answer...

First, Only Use Organic Hemp...

"I think the biggest thing when selecting hemp is that it should be 100% organic. What's organic? It means the growers aren't using any fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. That affects the quality, purity, and digestibility. There's no sugars, no chemicals. It's not an isolate. It's a whole food.

In the history of mankind, when have we ever eaten isolates? Like a whey isolate or a soy isolate? The body just doesn't recognize it."

Second, the processing must insure that the electrical integrity of the hemp stays intact.

Calli O'Brien elaborates, "You want to take the seed, the whole seed, and put it through a screw press, extracting all the oil out of the seed. What's left is a seed cake and we mill that through a proprietary process that only uses friction. That leaves it at around 115 degrees Fahrenheit so it is raw. We know that it's raw because we do a bacteria test on it afterwards, and the bacteria test shows that we've got, naturally occurring acidophilus, 16,400 micrograms, per measure.

So it's live. It's raw. You know that when it gets into your body that it's live and raw compared to something that's dead."

Third, it should be absolutely fresh to preserve the muscle-building nutrients...

It should be stored in cold storage and needs to be done immediately. When hemp sits around, it loses its muscle-building power. Most of the cheaper hemp comes from careless farmers who leave their hemp lying around with the pig feed.

Fourth, it should be processed in a pharmaceutical-grade facility

"Pharmaceutical grade" is something that pharmaceutical companies use as a sign of quality and hygiene. It needs to be at a grade that's safe for humans to digest.

So the hemp farmers and processors must be committed to hygiene. That means the ventilation has to be clear and clean. They have to establish a whole fan setup and an entire extraction process of the air to insure quality control. There should be a cleanup in the morning and at the night. Otherwise, you could have hemp with all sorts of nasty things in it.

You really have to be sure who you're getting your hemp from. When you get it from a pharmaceutical-grade facility processing you know that it's safe. You can trust it.

Last but not least, It should be lab tested..

A good company gets samples from the farmers and sends them to the lab for testing. They'll perform a free fatty acid test.

This reveals the amount of oxidation that's already occurred before it goes into processing. The industry standard is 2 percent.

But, we say don't accept anything less than 1 percent. This guarantees the farmers really did their best to protect the seed and its power.

You might also notice how many grams of protein hemp has. On the surface it looks like hemp has less protein than whey. But, you've really got to change your beliefs about protein.

What you need to consider is how many amino acids are actually getting into your muscles.

For instance, 10 grams of hemp protein is far more anabolic and shuttles more aminos to your muscles than 50 grams of whey.

If you want proof, just look at Bill Pearl. Perhaps no other bodybuilder in history built such an impressive physique without relying on drugs. Bill Pearl was 242 pounds, over three decades ago.

He won four Mr. Universe's. And he was so impressive that...

Joe Weider Stopped Arnold From Competing Against Him.

You can read that story for yourself in Bill's book "Keys To The Inner Universe".

What was Bill Pearl's secret to becoming so big? I believe it was having an alkaline, enzyme-rich, amino-loaded body.

He explains in "The Keys to the Inner Universe" how the concept of needing hundreds of grams of protein is a myth. Bill is living proof that you DON'T need hundreds of grams of protein to grow.

What you do need is electrically available, raw, organic foods. These are the foods that are electrically charged, so your body can digest and assimilate them.

What Can You Expect When You Start Taking Hemp Seed Protein?

First off, it depends on the level of acidity in your body. The more acidic you are, the stronger you're going to find the taste or the flavoring of hemp. So if you first take a drink and go like, "Whoa, that's really strong", it's just an indication of how acidic you really are. Depending on your pH level, it may take up to two months before you fully adjust to the effects of hemp.

Also, the volume and frequency of your bowel movements may go up. You'll also notice a difference in the texture. This is good. You want to eliminate the sludge caked up in your intestines.

After a month or two, you'll notice...

  • Huge boosts in raw power...
  • Your strength will shoot up...
  • Your muscle mass exploding to the next level...

At this time, you'll start liking the taste of hemp. You can try some whey protein to compare the difference. You're going to notice a huge contrast in how you feel, your energy, and even the taste because your body will understand between live protein and dead protein.

I really want you to try it for at least 60 days. Put it in your shakes. Drink it. You're going to experience a whole new world. You'll be amazed with how you feel, how you look, and the results that you get from your training.

It's really important that you give it about a two-month trial to bring your body's pH level into...

"The Anabolic Alkaline Zone"

Scrawny scientists are in labs trying to produce products they can mass-manufacture and profit from.

But in the end, Mother Nature built the ultimate protein. She's hard to beat. Hemp seed protein has everything we need.

It's got all the proteins... all the fats... all the amino acids... the friendly bacteria... AND, it's electrically charged for epic digestion.

But, don't go running to the store yet...

I tested every hemp product on the market and none of them fit the criteria I outlined above.

That's why my partner and I developed our own hemp protein with the help of top formulation specialists.

Our line of hemp protein is called "Protein Breakthrough".

It's completely organic. It's electrically stable. And it's lab tasted.

Covering all the essential amino and fatty acids... it's the ultimate protein source for strength athletes.

Each serving contains 17 grams of protein... packed with live anabolic amino acids.

The concern most people have with hemp protein is the taste.

Some find there's an "earthy" taste to it, which turns them away.

That's why we've spent the past decade refining the formulation over and over. Year after year. And have finally perfected the taste of both flavors.

Protein Breakthrough comes in two delicious flavors: Rainbow Berry and Heavenly Chocolaty Cacao.

Go To The Next Page To Get Protein Breakthrough.

Because of the quality of hemp protein we use, the formulation scientists we worked with suggested a whopping retail price of $97 per tub of Protein Breakthrough.

The quality is VERY high.

However, we know how important access to high quality protein is to you.

You need to have a steady supply of protein for recovering from heavy workouts.

That's why we're not going to charge you anywhere close to $97 per tub of Protein Breakthrough.

We made it affordable so you can always have some around to use after your workouts.

Click the button below to get Protein Breakthrough now at your discounted price.

You'll shortly be armed with an electrically charged, amino loaded, enzyme rich protein source.

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If for any reason you don't think this is the most anabolic protein ever, keep the 1 opened container, and return the rest unopened. That means you're getting 1 free container no matter what.

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Essentially, you don't have to decide now.

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You've got nothing to lose and lots of muscle and strength to gain.

Act Quick While Protein Breakthrough Is Available.

Because of the high quality hemp protein in Protein Breakthrough, we don't mass produce it in large batches like a lot of companies that sell dead whey protein.

We like to maintain the freshness and quality of the product.

That's why at any given time, we only have so much available.

Claim your supply of Protein Breakthrough today. Otherwise you'll have to wait months before it's available again if you miss out.

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P.P.S. Here's a summary of everything you read above:

Whey protein contains dead amino acids. It shifts your body into a catabolic, muscle-wasting state and causes the bloated belly that you don't want.

Hemp protein is one of the most anabolic sources of live amino acids for building muscle and strength. It shifts your body into the "Anabolic Alkaline Zone".

When you get Protein Breakthrough, the highest quality source of hemp protein, you'll feel...

  • Huge boosts in raw power...
  • Your strength will shoot up...
  • Your muscle mass exploding to the next level...


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"Protein Breakthrough will help you live larger than ever inside and outside of the gym."

-Vince Del Monte